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A magical cup of tea to tease your sense. Blue Pea Tea is named after its beautiful azure hue when steeped. Add a few drops of lemon and watch the deep blue turn into purple. This color changing beauty is not just visual treat but has several health benefits as well.

Health Benefits: Much like green tea, blue pea tea is loaded with antioxidants. It does wonders for digestion, detox, beauty and as a brain booster. Blue pea flower, also known as Clitoria Ternatea is also used in Ayurvedic medicine. It lowers blood pressure and has anti-anxiety, anti-asthmatic and pain relieving properties.

Ingredients: Whole dried blue pea flowers, whole leaf green tea and bits of orange peels.

Taste Notes: Taste notes are fresh and citrus with a smooth finish.

Caffeine Content: Low caffeine

Origin of Tea: South East Asia

When to drink?: Brew yourself a cup of Blue Pea Green tea mid-morning or mid-evening post-meals, to aid digestion.

Serving Suggestions: Tastes great hot or iced. Add a few drops of lemon to see the colour change and lemon also enhances the natural flavour of the tea. Suitable for colourful liquor infusions, cocktails and herbal iced teas.

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  • 1. Are there any side effects of this tea? Also, is there any added colour?

    Our teas are 100% natural with no added colour, additives or flavours. Blue Pea flowers are know for their natural beautiful azure colour when steeped. It is not recommended to have large quantities of this tea daily. It is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. This tea contains caffeine from Green Tea, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, we would recommend restricting your intake.

  • 2. Is this tea available in a big tin?

    No this tea is only available in a small tin option containing 35g loose leaf tea.

  • 3. Does Blue Pea Tea have any health benefits?

    Blue Pea Green Tea has several health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and helps in digestion.  It lowers blood pressure and has anti-anxiety, anti-asthmatic and pain relieving properties. 

  • 4. What ingredients can I add to change the color of this tea?

    Add a dash of lemon and watch this tea turn a lovely purple colour. Or add hibiscus petals and watch it turn a bright red. The colour of the tea changes depending on the pH of the ingredient added to it.

  • 5. Is blue pea tea available as a tea bag?

    No. As Blue Pea Green Tea contains delicate blue pea flowers which gets powdered when made in to teabags, we do not offer this option.

  • 6. What does 'Number of Steep: 2-3' mean?

    All our teas can be re-brewed. Number of steeps indicates the number of times the tea can be re-brewed. In this case it is 2-3 times. All you have to do is add hot water and steep for longer than the first cup.

  • 7. How many cups can I make with this packs?

    You can make up to 17 cups of tea, using 0.07oz per cup.

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