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12 May 2016

Tales from a trunk. Tea sommelier Snigdha Manchanda, who was in Chennai recently, talks to Deepa Alexander on the need to celebrate the brews of India..

11 Mar 2016

Tea Sommelier Snigdha Manchanda on Brews for Different Moods Feeling happy, sad or creative...there's a tea for all kinds of feelings.

30 Mar 2016

It’s always tea time Across the cultures of the world, tea is relished—as a refreshing beverage that packs in several health benefits.

16 May 2016

Chai from India: Go Beyond the Masala Chai, Create a Memorable Experience for Your Customers – Snigdha Manchanda,

19 Apr 2016

“Tea is no longer a boring relic of the Raj. There is a street-side comfort, because of its accessibility,” says Snigdha.

01 Apr 2015

Growing up, whenever she’d go out with friends for coffee, Snigdha Manchanda would be the one ordering tea. It’s this same attitude — one that makes her stand apart from the rest..

05 Apr 2015

Tea sommelier and founder of Tea Trunk, Snigdha Manchanda, shares tips on how you can make your own flavoured teas at home..

10 Apr 2015

You may be perfectly happy with your tea, Even so, Snigdha urges you to move forward a sensoryexpirence..

29 Apr 2015

Tamara Mathias shares a cuppa with Snigdha manchanda,Tea sommelier and founder of Tea Trunk as she talks of her journey as an..

28 Jul 2015

A sip of luxury. Tea sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda recommends rare and expensive teas of the world..

May 2015

Tea Party, take green tea from your morning cuppa to the shower. Long Island Green Tea by Tea Trunk. A pot of refreshing mint laced with orange peels..

13 Jul 2015

Try Quirky new ways to feast on your tea, masala Chai Popsicles..

26 May 2015

When Mumbai - bred tea sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda, decided she was done with city life, it seemed..

13 May 2015

“While pursuing a lesser-known career, you need to be persistent since you are ahead of the curve,” says Snigdha Manchanda.

05 Jun 2015

Tea Trunk for a tea lover like Snigdha Manchanda, sharing her expertise and creativity as a Tea sommelier is the only natural..

07 Jun 2015

Jamun Rose Iced Tea.Fresh to the Tea, this summer ditch the sugary cold coffees and shakes for sumer green teas by Tea Trunk..

29 Jun 2015

Brewing the perfect cuppa..