Rose Oolong Tea

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Chinese medicine describes rose oolong as the tea of beauty - perfect for pampering yourself with at the end of a beauty treatment. But then again, this is a beauty treatment!

Ingredients: Oolong tea blended with real petals and buds of the Indian Rose (desi gulaab)

Health Benefits: Rose Oolong tea boosts your rate of metabolism. It is perfect to complement your fitness regime as it can help in burning body fat over time. A rich source of Vitamin C, this tea is also high in antioxidants, which helps with a clear acne-free skin.

Taste notes: Taste notes are smooth, floral and mellow. Rose petals add a sweet, mild aroma. Semi-fermented Oolong has intense, complex flavours and together they make a well balanced cup.

Caffeine content: Medium.

Origin of tea: Darjeeling, India

Available as: 100g loose leaf / 15 tea bags / 50g loose leaf

When to drink this tea? Oolong tea best enjoyed post meals, so we recommend that you sip this tea in the afternoons or mid evening. Avoid drinking this tea post dinner if you are sensitive to caffeine. 

Serving Suggestions: Pairs well with light pastries, pancakes and crepes. Tastes great either hot or iced. Enjoy the natural sweetness of real Rose petals and buds by brewing this tea without milk or sugar.

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  • 1. Is it sweet in taste?

    The taste notes are smooth, floral and mellow. The Rose petals add a sweet, mild aroma that makes you a perfect cup of tea.

  • 2: What’s a good slimming tea to consume?

    Our Rose Oolong tea is the most recommended slimming tea as it is very effective in weight loss. The oolong tea content in this blend is proven to increase your metabolism by 10 times especially if consumed after meals and thus helps in reducing weight.

  • 3: Is there any tea that will help my acne and other skin problems?

    Rose Oolong tea has been considered by the Chinese as a tea of beauty and helps to restore and heal your skin to its original state and completely get rid of all skin problems.

  • 4: Which Is your best Slimming tea?

    Our Rose Oolong Tea, also known as the 'Tea of Beauty' is most effective for slimming and weight-loss. For best results, complement your daily cup of tea with a balanced and healthy diet.

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