Unique Experiences Around Tea.

Look at Tea Rituals around the world. Beauty of tea is not inherent in any one kind of tea, the focus has always been on the experience around it.
Over 2,000 attendees across Mumbai, New Delhi Pune, Bangalore, Goa, California and New York

Tea Tastings are a passe. They are limited to sampling different teas. We craft tea experiences that tell the whole story. Tastings do not appeal to those who are casually interested in tea. We don’t restrict ourselves to only those who are serious tea drinkers. Tea is for everyone. Let’s make it fun!

Over 2,000 tea-lovers across Mumbai, New Delhi Pune, Bangalore, Goa, California and New York have attended our Tea Appreciation and Tea Tasting workshops. We’ve hosted an audience of 2 to 200 in a single session. Each event is personally guided and hosted by our Tea Sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda, to take you on a journey backwards from your tea cup to the tea leaf.

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Our Signature Tea Experiences

Chai walk

This walking tour is a tribute to the places that fueled our love for tea. Sip Masala Chai from a streetside vendor who serves you out of an old cupboard. Sample Irani Chai and the bold Sulemani Chai at a Heritage cafe and end with the perfect cup of First Flush Darjeeling at one of the oldest tea institutions of India. Perfect for tea lovers, city explorers and travelers

World of Teas

White, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple Tea..all kinds of tea come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, so what makes them unique and different from each other. We unfold the mystery while you sample the teas and learn about the nuances and tasting notes that differentiate them. This workshop is your window to explore the world of teas, beyond chai. Perfect for fitness groups, spas, hotels, cafe’s and restaurants.

Around the World in Eight Teas ™

Behind every cup of tea, there is a story, culture and ritual. You will taste eight cultural preparations of tea from China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Kenya, England, Russia and Turkey. This workshop unravels why after centuries of tea drinking, the humble tea remains unbeaten as number one beverage after water. Popular pick for Corporate workshops and group events.

Handcrafted Tea Party

People are most engaged when they create or build something. The Handcrafted Tea party gets everyone to participate and make their own tea blend which they get to take away at the end of the session. They also use the same tea blend to make their own muslin, 100% natural tea bag. This workshop is great for couples, mother-daughters, kids and for the child in you.