Tunes for teatime - our playlist

Tunes for teatime - our playlist

07 Jun 18  |  By Tea Trunk

“I'll do it after I am done with my tea” ever heard that line before? Tea isn't something you have on the go like coffee. It isn't something you can forget while in the midst of whatever you are doing and consume after it's gone cold. Tea is meant to be enjoyed as a complete experience, you have to savour every sip as it refreshes your mind from the ample chaos you endure during the day. Tea is so loved that during the first world war a lady was pictured casually sipping her tea over the remains of her house during the bombing of London. Doesn't this prove the fact that tea can truly be enjoyed at whatever given mood or occasion?

To really relish your tea drinking experience we have compiled a list of songs to accompany your tea with. Add these songs to your favourite device, so that at whatever given time of the day; you can create the perfect ambience to really enjoy your tea.

The Breakfast Club:

When: Whether you are a morning person or not, we all have to admit that some mornings can be tougher than most. Use this playlist to get you motivated and energised to take the day head on! Groove to some great cheerful jams and get these tunes to add that extra bit of chirp to start your day.

What: The Breakfast Club Playlist - Listen Here

Which: Give your mornings the good kick it deserves with our Chilli Chai Black Tea.

3pm Snooze Buster:

When: We’ve all been there and we’ve all got different ways to fight the mid-afternoon slump. For most of us, it involves a good dose of caffeine. Make your method a little bit more hip by plugging in your headphones and giving your system a much needed pick me up with this playlist.

What: 3pm Snooze Buster Playlist - Listen Here

Which: Our Vanilla Black Tea hits the spot with its perfect balance of caffeine and the right amount of sweetness.

The After Work Jam:

When: You’ve done it, It's been a long, busy day and you’ve made it out alive! You’ve conquered the struggles of getting your kids to school, meeting deadlines and now it is time to celebrate. Let your hair down, slip into comfy shoes and put that kettle to boil, this playlist is all about you having a good time.

What: The After Work Jam Playlist - Listen Here

Which: Relax, adjust your invisible tiara and sip on our celebratory Saffron Kahwa Green Tea

Sleepytime Soiree:

When: No one can argue about the therapeutic effect of good music and good tea has on us. This playlist is a warm hug for your mind. Draw yourself a bath, put these tunes on and feel your stress and anxiety melt away.

What: Sleepytime Soiree Playlist - Listen Here

Which: Fluff the pillows, it’s been a long day. Time to brew some relaxing Chamomile Herb Tea for the best sleep ever.

Do you have your own special ritual you indulge in while sipping your tea? Maybe you have a few recommendations for our playlists. Let us know in the comments section below.

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