Yerba Mate Herb Tea

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3.5 oz Loose Leaf Tea
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Come to life with this high energy brew! Yerba Mate is known to be a healthy alternative to coffee. Made from the dried leaves native to Latin America, it’s an energising tea which contains theobromine, the feel-good stimulant in chocolate, and theophylline, the mental energiser in green and black tea. Yerba mate's unique medley of stimulation and nutrition helps maintain your body's balance.

Ingredients: Yerba Mate leaf

Health Benefits: Yerba mate is an antioxidant powerhouse, known for its ability to boost energy and improve mental focus.

Caffeine content: Medium

Origin of tea: Argentina, South America

Available as: 3.5 oz loose leaf 

Taste notes: Bold, Malty, Earthy. Mate has a rich history among the semi-nomadic tribes of South America. It has the health benefits of tea and the earthy flavour of coffee.

Serving suggestions: Pairs well with chocolate cookies as well as peanut butter sandwiches.

**Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. For maximum health benefits, Yerba Mate should be consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise routine.  Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We wish you good health!

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