We are not tea brokers, traders or resellers.

As craftsmen, we work directly with tea gardens, from where we source the teas and craft our own unique blends. Hence, our teas are differentiated from your regular supermarket teas (even if they have the same name.)

Tea is not a commodity. It is a lifestyle product. Tea Trunk is served and retailed in niche stores, boutique cafe’s, deli’s, award-winning restaurants, five star hotels and spas among others.

Tea is not a commodity. It is a lifestyle product.

Tweets don’t lie. Millennials are more conscious about where their food comes from. As your tea supplier, we provide you with point of sale material to share our story and create the right environment for our teas. This creates value for your customers and strengthens your existing food philosophy.

We work closely with our hospitality partners and offer the following complimentary services:

  1. Identifying tea blends that complements your cuisine or theme.
  2. Suggest food pairings from your existing menu.
  3. Provide brochures, posters and tent cards that help you elevate the tea experience for your guests.
  4. Share training material for staff on how to brew and serve the teas correctly.
  5. Provide a list of unique hot tea and iced tea recipes that can be made using our teas. Makes a great addition to your seasonal menu.
If you’d like information on our wholesale pricing for loose teas and tea bags, write to or call +91 8381023382. We’ll send you a custom quote quickly before your tea turns cold.

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